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This is like so simple but so cool…


This is like so simple but so cool…

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From the original script for “One Breath”

*When Scully is unconscious in the hospital:

Mulder pulls up a chair alongside his friend. He isn’t teary nor does he look directly at her, but it is from the bottom of his soul.

MULDER: The first time I saw you Scully…I hated you. I couldn’t let you see it…but…when they told me they had assigned another agent…I knew you were put on to be a watchdog. I resented you in my life…and now…now I can’t imagine my life without you.

*After Scully wakes up:

Mulder looks to Scully, gently placing a hand on her arm.

MULDER: I know you need rest. I just wanted to say hi.
SCULLY: Mulder… (He pauses.) I look forward to getting back to work. (Mulder nods and starts to exit.) And I can’t imagine it without you either.

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fashion encyclopedia: Ashi Studio fall 2014 couture

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She is remarkable in ways that you could never imagine.

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Reasons why I love Ichabod

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Octopus WIG by Kirstie Williams

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